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Birthday: 23/05/1989, 20 years old.
Size: 184 cm.
Weight: 77 kg.
Nationality: French.

Current situation: I have been living in Montpellier, South of France,
for 10 years after having grew up in the French Caribean, Guadeloupe.

Education/School: I obtained my Baccalauréat France (3 A-Level or Leaving Certificate) in 2007 with Honorus and I’m studying engineery at the University of Sciences of Montpellier.
Sports: A lot of windsurf during 10 years but also surf, snowboard, skate... And I try to keep the form with gym and physical preparation. I begun water sports in Guadeloupe when I was 6, since then I never stoped and that really made myself.
Kitesurf: I learnt kitesurfing at the beginning of 2004.
Languages: French, English, Spanish.

for kites, boards and accessories.
Cool Shoe
and Sooruz for sportswear.

What I like ?
Travel, learn from culture and people of different origin from mine.
Attempt new things and exceed myself.
Be positive, which doesn't kill me make me stronger !
Familly and friens are for me essential.

Vision of the sport ?
Since my 8 months knee injury, I really change my vision of the sport.
I realised that things can change super quickly so I am now 100% focusing on enjoying my ridding. The essence of our sport is having the most of fun you can and I want to communicate this to poeple.

School/Sport ?
School is really important part of my life. I like to learn new things and the job satisfaction.
I've combined school and sport since high school and I can say it has been pretty well since then.
I obtained my French Baccalauréat magna cum laude in 2007 and I am currently learning engineery at the University of Sciences of Montpellier.
I found a complementarity between sport and studies, they feed themselves and even if it's sometimes hard to get the right balance, you have to be organized and as soon as it's on, that's a really good,positive and instructional mixture.

Style ?
The most important part of extreme sports. I try to make things look good and smooth so I go out with my mind free and full on. I just want to keep looking for best sport feelings and travelling experiences, that's the way to make things look awesome !

Gear I ride ?
I ride mostly Torch which is the basic freestyle C-shape. This kite is perfect for what I am doing, something simple which give high performance pop and kiteloop.
I also like to use Helix for high jump or Charger to go surf.
For board, I ride Thorn 132 for freestyle and Custom Fish for waves.